Dystopia Definition

Definition: Dystopia is a fictional genre that portrays an imagined society characterized by oppression, suffering, and serves as a warning or critique of trends in modern society. Dystopia epitomizes a genre encapsulating societal phobias and scrutinizing prevailing power structures. In accordance with Fredric Jameson, dystopian literature embodies a “negative utopia,” Continue reading

Under Surveillance

Technological advancements have allowed our rights to be violated repeatedly with little to no consequences, by major companies due to our lack of knowledge and involvement. Merriam-Webster defines privacy as the quality or state of being apart from a company or observation. Scientifically humans are known to be social creatures Continue reading


Navigating the balance between privacy and convenience in our increasingly digital world is a constant consideration. Personally, I place a high value on my privacy, but I also recognize the benefits that technology can offer when we choose to share certain information. When it comes to surrendering privacy, I’m willing Continue reading