Was Snowden right?

I believe that the way Snowden described the United States privacy is correct. The Privacy act of 1974 was created to balance the government’s need to maintain information about individuals with the rights of individuals to be protected against unwarranted invasions of their privacy resulting from the collection, maintenance, use, Continue reading


Researchers, biologists, even intelligence agencies knew and had been planning for pandemics to come but Snowden made a comment about when the Covid-19 virus came we needed the system and they have now failed us comprehensively. We are known to be the richest country in the world, but since the Continue reading

Was Snowden Right? (Yes or Yesn’t)

Snowden’s overarching claim throughout the interview was, after governments introduce tactics that limit citizens’ freedoms, because of tragedies, they are never lost.  The Patriot Act, enacted and enforced after 9/11, gave The United States government the ability to wiretap the American public without their knowledge, in the hopes of countering Continue reading

Snowden vs Government

When people make any accusations like these, it’s important to know if the information is accurate. Now, I don’t agree with everything the government does, but I believe their use of technology and surveillance, to a certain extent, can be very useful. I think surveillance is ok, but spying isn’t. Continue reading

Edward Snowden Is He Right?

I absolutely believe that Edward Snowden is right. Things that are reported are very surface level and much context must be added to the conversation. These reports are politically motivated and are all about nation superiority. What recent events are leading too could be a dystopia but like Snowden says, Continue reading

Edward Snowden Right?

To me Edward Snowden was definitely right about privacy in the United States. His actions of exposing NSA documents is very admirable. But I guess that calls into question…should citizens exposing the government be held accountable? In one breath I want to say no because wrong is wrong and everyone Continue reading