Panopticism and Society 

The idea of a panoptic institution is a building that is designed in such a way that the inhabitants are constantly being watched. This constant surveillance is done in such a way where the persons who are being watched are unaware, they are currently being watched. This concept is extremely Continue reading


Given that it operates on the same principles of oversight, control, and regulation as panopticism, the workforce system in contemporary society might be viewed as a manifestation of this phenomenon. In his book “Discipline and Punish,” Michel Foucault established the social theory of panopticism, which outlines a system of power Continue reading

Is Foucault Right?

Foucault believed that panopticon was represented by disciplinary actions and punishment. This is supported through the realization of how the process of observation and examination go hand and hand. As we did a discussion on society watching us we also use panopticon in modern society outside of surveillance. One way Continue reading


In today’s society, there have been many examples of how panopticism has been embedded in our world. One-way panopticism has been embedded in our society is how people exercise power over other people. For instance, this happens in the workplace. The manager has the choice to tell the employees what Continue reading

Now you see me? Now you don’t.

Michel Foucault’s concept of panopticism describes a form of social control in which individuals are constantly monitored and self-regulate their behavior to conform to societal norms. One way in which panopticism has been embedded in our society is through the proliferation of surveillance technologies. Cameras are now ubiquitous in public Continue reading


Panopticism is a system in which the belief that we are being watched forces us to behave “properly”. Foucault’s idea of panopticism is to basically ensue fear into a person by having them be visible so in return, the person will subconsciously feel watched and thus, be on good behavior. In today’s Continue reading


One way in which panopticism has been embedded in our society is through the caution we take when we use the internet and social media. Although no one is actively watching our every move and monitoring every post, some people still treat social media and their search bar as if Continue reading