Interactive Websites

Students choosing the Interactive Website format for their research projects will write a standard components of an academic research paper but will combine those components together in a creative and engaging web-based format. Students should consider this a formal essay — it must be well-planned and well-written — even as they find different ways to organize the material and lead their readers through their analysis.


Submitted interactive websites must meet all of the following in order to be considered complete:

  • Be completed on time.
  • Demonstrate significant research into the topic dystopia.
  • Demonstrate insightful analysis.
  • Be clearly written, well-organized, and properly documented.
  • Incorporate hyperlinks and visual elements that enhance and support the analysis.
  • Incorporate at least 3 short (1+ minutes) videos of you presenting information to the audience.
  • Include the necessary attributions for any Creative Commons media.
  • Include a references page listing all source material referenced in the essay in APA format.



Please note that these examples, submitted for previous iterations of this class, may not meet all of the expectations listed above.

Tomi Adeyemi’s “Children of Blood & Bone” by Kristyn Smith (Spring 2023)

Children of Blood and Bone is about the oppression and marginalization of a group. Violence, intimidation, and high taxes keep the citizens weak and afraid of rebellion. This is analogous to Nazi Germany before and during the Holocaust. At this time, Jewish citizens were outcasts in society, legal measures to remove rights from Jewish people were established, and people were engaging in violent crimes against any Jewish person they saw. This book is relevant today because it shows how we can still rise in the face of marginalization and oppression. 

A Journey into a Wondrous Land: The Twilight Zone by Nia Bishop

“Imagine a nuclear attack is hitting our Earth in the next 30 minutes. You only have one way out which  is to get on a spacecraft and sail to a mysterious red light 35 million miles across an empty sea which is described to be Mars. There is a chance if you leave you wouldn’t see your family or friends again due to this attack having a high risk to wipe out the entire country.  Would you board that spacecraft to save your life and live somewhere other than Earth or will you take the risk and try to make it back to your family.”

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