Oppression in America

Recently in class we read Five Faces of Oppression by Iris Young. We learned that oppression is not just something exercised by a ruling group or class, but it’s something that creates injustice in other aspects as well. In a society, oppression can be caused by unquestioned norms, habits, and Continue reading

The 5 Faces of America

I believe multiple of the five faces to describe oppression exists in the world today. For example, the financial divide between the lower class and upper class. Lower-class workers are exploited and used for minimum-wage labor, while the upper class generates funds in large amounts. This can be seen as Continue reading

Five faces of oppression

The 5 oppressions that Young mentions are a very accurate representation of some major problems that America is filled with currently. In summary, Young explains that the five oppressions are exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence. In terms of exploitation, first it should be a crime in itself to Continue reading

Our faces of oppression

I believe all the faces of oppression Young discusses exist here in America. The one I will choose to focus on is “Cultural Imperialism”. Young’s explanation for cultural imperialism is “taking the culture of the ruling class and establishing it as the norm.” In our society, white people are the Continue reading

Faces of today’s oppression

After reading, “Five Faces of Oppression”, I concluded that marginalized, powerlessness, and violence all exist in the United States today. On page 51 Iris Young writes, “Even if marginals were provided a comfortable material life within institutions that respected their freedom and dignity, injustices of marginality would remain in the Continue reading