How many faces of oppression exist in today’s world?

The five faces of oppression are violence, exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, and cultural imperialism. A few examples of faces of oppression that exist in the United States society today are racism, sexism, and religious persecution. Racism is treating people differently based on their skin color or ethnicity. Sexism is treating people Continue reading

Land of the Oppressed

As Iris Young explains, oppression appears under the faces of exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence, all of which are alive and present in the United States today.  First, exploitation is rooted in our capitalistic society. One social group with the resources, wealth and status can dictate another group’s Continue reading

Oppression in America

I think Young’s Five Faces of Oppression are prevalent in America today. There are countless examples of people being oppressed, marginalized, and exploited in America. One example that comes to mind are the migrant workers from Mexico that come to America in search for work to better their lives and Continue reading

Five Faces of Oppression: Today in the USA

In the United States today, personally I believe that all five of the faces of oppression are considered relevant. Violence, in particular, is very relevant today in this society especially in dealing with minorities. For example, African American people are in constant fear of being racially profiled or killed just Continue reading

How Many Faces of Oppression Exist in America Today?

Iris Young discusses the faces of oppression which have an everyday affect on people whether we know it or not. The five faces of oppression are exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence. Oppression is not always about inhumane treatment. Deprivation is also included in oppression. Most times it is Continue reading


America has many oppressive behaivors/practices. Those being violence, exploitation and powerlessness.These are the top three opressive behaivors for many reason. EXploitation is primarially seen on social media platorms. The topic being exploited vary from the goverment, celebrities, bussinesses and so forth.In’s todays society it is usually the influencesrs that are Continue reading