Forms of Democracy and Dystopia

After looking through the list of governments, I believe that the least dystopian, although all have the capacity to become one, is democracy. Democracies lack centralized power, which significantly decreases the chances of a totalitarian uprising. For democracies, there are two main denominations: direct and representative. Direct democracies allow voters Continue reading

Forms of government

Out of an aristocracy, timocracy, oligarchy, democracy, and tyranny, democracy seems as if it would be the least dystopian. Tyranny is automatically the most dystopian, because corruption is inevitable with a lack of restraint. I’d envision a tyranny as having an evil ruler that rules in his best interest and Continue reading

Social democracies, specifically parliamentary republics = happy people

Hobbes described the dystopian societies as people becoming dissatisfied with a level playing field and thus power is craved, birthing competition (contesting power for yourself), diffidence (modesty for lack of power), and glory (pride at having power). The least dystopian government would be one that people are able to trust Continue reading