What is a Dystopia?

A dystopia is a fictional society under a totalitarian government in which most people are forced to conform and live dehumanizing, segregated, manipulated, and oppressed lives. These types of societies serve as an overwhelming warning of our awaited future if we do not change how we do things or blindly Continue reading

The least dystopian goverment

Throughout the world, nations are governed by many greatly diverse forms of government that dictate the everyday lives of their citizens. These forms of government can include monarchs, oligarchy, democracy, totalitarianism, and even communism. An ideal government protects its citizen’s rights, promotes social welfare, creates laws that improve one’s way Continue reading

Under Surveillance

Technological advancements have allowed our rights to be violated repeatedly with little to no consequences, by major companies due to our lack of knowledge and involvement. Merriam-Webster defines privacy as the quality or state of being apart from a company or observation. Scientifically humans are known to be social creatures Continue reading