Dystopia Updated

At the start of the semester I viewed a dystopia as a place consisting of endless suffering for those who were deemed as outcast in society. In this world people were seen as less than human therefore they deserved to be treated as such. Their dystopian world would be filled Continue reading


Freud’s premise that any form of government is inherently repressive of human nature is a provocative statement. While it is true that governments, by their very nature, exercise power and impose certain limitations on individuals, it is overly simplistic to conclude that all forms of governance are fundamentally oppressive to Continue reading

Form of government

A democracy would, in my opinion, be the kind of government that is least dystopian. A democracy enables the populace of the nation or community to select the leaders they desire. This makes it possible for the populace to have fair representation and stops power abuse. The people have the Continue reading


I original stated that dystopia represents what happens if a good intention goes wrong. However I now define dystopia as imaginary society  characterized by oppressive, dehumanizing, and often totalitarian conditions that provoke a sense of despair and hopelessness. A dystopian society is marked by oppressive governance, dehumanization of its citizens, Continue reading