Least Dystopian Government?

I feel as if an ideal democracy is the least dystopian form of government. In an ideal democracy, everyone regardless of race, religion, gender identity, and sexual identity can have an equal shot at good life. How democracy works is a government run directly and with representatives that the people Continue reading

Lesser of Evils

In Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes formulates his theory of the Hobbesian Jungle, the idea that humanity naturally lives in a state without rules or moralities, so we broker societies and governments to evade the inherent dangers of said state of nature. Hobbes’ theory, however, begs the ultimate question: Which form of Continue reading


After reading the selection from Hobbes’s Leviathan, I realized that there are many forms of government that would be considered the least dystopian. In the United States, we have a democracy form of government and many other places would probably consider the democracy to be not dystopian, but as I look closely Continue reading

Democracy, Always!!!

After reading Hobbes’ work I can further solidify my belief that a democracy, no matter its flaws, is better than a feudal system of affairs. It was interesting how in his work Hobbes understood the concept that all men are created equal, yet he supported the idea that one man Continue reading

Direct Democracy

When thinking about a government that would be the least dystopian I instantly think of a government that would be used in a utopian world. A democratic government would be the best option because a world where every opinion matters is as close as perfect could get. However, when I Continue reading