Lesser of Evils

In Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes formulates his theory of the Hobbesian Jungle, the idea that humanity naturally lives in a state without rules or moralities, so we broker societies and governments to evade the inherent dangers of said state of nature. Hobbes’ theory, however, begs the ultimate question: Which form of Continue reading


After reading the selection from Hobbes’s Leviathan, I realized that there are many forms of government that would be considered the least dystopian. In the United States, we have a democracy form of government and many other places would probably consider the democracy to be not dystopian, but as I look closely Continue reading

What form of Government should we choose?

As we shift away from the idea that utopian societies exist, and uncover concepts known to dystopian societies. It is more common for us to analyze governments as being on a spectrum of most dystopian to least dystopian; favoring the least dystopian governments. After reviewing Hobbes’ writing, my belief is Continue reading