My definition of a dystopia is a society that is not equal, equitable, or easily changed. The oppressors (the ones with power) continue to oppress and we have a very slim to no chance of escaping the oppression without changing the society on a larger scale. In a dystopian society, Continue reading


Panopticism is a framework of societal structure and control marked by continuous surveillance and the internalization of disciplinary methods by individuals. Within panoptic establishments, whether physical or conceptual, people endure scrutiny and regulation, frequently without outward coercion. One way in which panopticism has been embedded in our society is through Continue reading


When considering what I am willing to give up in terms of privacy, I think it is important to weigh the pros and cons. I don’t think it is necessary to give up personal information in return for security and protection. Personally, I am not willing to surrender some aspects Continue reading


In my mind the ideal society would look like “nature” on a pinterest board. Full of clean greenery and colorful flowers. I would imagine the society to look just look today’s world but take away the violence, oppression, injustices, and inequalities. In my society everyone have the same access to Continue reading