I agree according to Dystopias Now, “Dystopias are the flip side of utopias.”    On Google, when searching up the definitions and images of dystopia and utopia they are described and appear to be the complete opposite. Dystopia highlights a place of extremely unpleasant living and working conditions. By contrast, a Continue reading

The imperfect “perfect” world

A dystopia is a place that supposedly unifies individuals but rather creates an opposite effect. Being read in my high school years, I find this concept heavily imagined in the book 1984 by George Orwell. Here Orwell personifies a dark future with advances in technology infiltrating the public perception as Continue reading

Dystopia: A Corrupted Society

Definition: A dictatorship-ruled civilization that is a result of either a post-apocalyptic or post-societal collapse; it is unjust to the 99 percent of the population for the 1% ‘s pleasure and gain. The dystopian societies that are most familiar to me by books or films are usually centered around a Continue reading

Could We Be Next?

When I think of the word dystopia, the definition that comes to mind is a civilization that is completely different from our own civilization in a plethora of ways, these differences are usually very impactful and define that civilization in negative ways which can be seen as an author/writer’s warning Continue reading

Is a dystopia truly a bad place?

According to the mind of Sabirah Smith, the definition of DYSTOPIA is “a reality or pseudo-realm in which individuals fear their society and are constantly surveilled and experience continuous downfalls.” It is often thought that a utopia is a place of perfection and endless bliss. Many even go as far Continue reading