Dystopian Divergent

Divergent is a film about a 16-year-old named Beatrice Prior who lives in a dystopian version of Chicago. Their society is broken into five factions: Erudite, Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, and Candor. Beatrice, along with all other 16-year-olds in their society take a test to see which faction they will spend Continue reading

Dystopia in The Matrix

In the 1999 film, The Matrix, the birth artificial intelligence led to the downfall of the human race. In efforts to stop technology from taking over, humans manipulated the skies to prevent it from getting any more solar power. The technology found a new source of power, using human bodies Continue reading

American Education: Dystopia in the Making

            The purpose of this course is to reveal the similarities between fictional dystopian worlds and our own constantly evolving society. It is always frightening to discover that the foundations of a dystopian society already find their homes in the basis of our societal structures without much notice from the public. Continue reading

Dystopian elements in Higher Education

Education is not only a means to enlighten us especially with the different education systems present in different places throughout the world but also a means to provide oncoming generations with a better and brighter future through making them well equipped and skilled for various professions and life in general. Continue reading

Dystopia Defined In Just 19 Words

Xavier University, Secondary education, and America’s system is a lot of things, but a dystopia is not one. My university along with other institutions of higher learning aren’t dystopias. Based on our evolving definition of a dystopia, I would just say it is just corrupted. A dystopia based on our class’ Continue reading

Is Xavier University a Dystopia?

To a certain extent, I do believe that University is a dystopian society: the school system and the school itself. The part of the definition of a dystopian society that stands out to me the most is that the people live “depressingly wretched lives under some form of oppression.” The Continue reading