Why Robocop Is Dystopian To Me

A police officer named Murphy lives in a futuristic version of Detroit with his family and is fighting crime on streets. The corporate mogul of a security technology agency called RoboCorp is responsible for Murphy being killed in front of his home. Murphy`s body dies, but his brain is salvaged Continue reading

Coronavirus: the Next Research Project?

The Coronavirus has intensified the latent dystopian nature of our society. For example, propagandistic media has become part of our everyday lives, starting at the top of the federal government. Every day, the president holds a press conference where his vice president holds up a chart reminding American citizens about Continue reading

I, Robot

I, Robot starring Will Smith is a science fiction action film. This movie is based in the year 2035  in Chicago, where robots serve humans. Del Spooner is a homicide detective that distrusts and hates all robots. It is important to note that his deeply rooted hatred toward robots is Continue reading

Piercingly Dystopian

Snowpiercer explores the world when whatever little of humanity is left, after a scientific experiment goes wrong and all life becomes extinct, gets stuck within a train called the “Rattling Ark”. This is not only a story set in a post-apocalyptic future, but the various characteristics of this world depicted Continue reading

Contagion: A COVID-19 Pandemic Prediction?

Contagion is a movie about the world as it goes through a pandemic due to a virus contracted from bats, to pigs, and then through people who travelled from Hong Kong, China. The story circulates around the people and the government response for controlling and containing the virus along with Continue reading