There are a few different kinds of dispatches on this site. All dispatches are either written by the students themselves or compiled by someone following a class discussion.

Class Notes

Class notes are reflections on the class itself or information that may be useful to students. Class Notes can also be a safe space to post items related to the class that don’t seem to fit in any other category.


Definitions are the class’s attempt to understand and explain key concepts in the study of dystopias. When posted to this site, the definitions become cannon for the class. Only one term will have multiple definitions: over the course of the semester, we will evolve how we define a dystopia (and document here that evolution).

Film Critiques

Film critiques are short, information reflections the students can choose to write after attending one of the optional movie screenings held throughout the semester.


Post-reads are short, informal reflections the students write after reading a discussing one of the assigned novels or articles for class. Each post-read is unique as each one is an evocation of each student’s internalization of the reading.

Production Notes

Productions notes are reflections written before and after their podcast projects, as a means of demonstrating what they learned as a result of the assignment.

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