Podcast Episodes

Students choosing the Podcast Episode format for their research projects will write, record, and edit a 15-minute discussion of their selected dystopian media. Students should consider this a formal presentation — it must be well-planned and organized — although the actual style may sound more casual.


For the podcast episodes, you should be able to upload the MPyour video to a streaming service or a cloud storage service. You will not be able to submit the actual video file through Brightspace; instead, you will need to provide the public sharing link for the video.

Submitted video presentations must meet all of the following in order to be considered complete:

  • Be completed on time.
  • Demonstrate significant research into the topic dystopia.
  • Demonstrate insightful analysis.
  • Be clearly written, well-organized, and clearly presented.
  • Include a Show Notes document listing any attributions for Creative Commons media and ALL source material referenced in the episode in APA format.

Student Work, 2023

  • Episode 033, The Twilight Zone, Time Enough at Last

    In which Nyla discusses her favorite episode of the original Twilight Zone series. Continue reading

  • Episode 034, Attack on Titan

    In which Andriae and Brooke discuss the animated series Attack on Titan. Continue reading

  • Episode 035, Fahrenheit 451

    In which Melissa discusses Ray Bradbury’s classic novel Fahrenheit 451. Continue reading

  • Episode 036, Black Mirror: San Junipero

    In which Allison discusses one of the least depressing episodes of Black Mirror: San Junipero. Continue reading

  • Episode 037, Black Mirror: Striking Vipers

    In which Drew discusses one of the most revealing episodes of Black Mirror: Striking Vipers. Continue reading

  • Episode 038, The Handmaid’s Tale (1990)

    In which Asiah discusses the 1990 movie version of Margaret Atwood’s classic novel The Handmaid’s Tale. Continue reading

  • Episode 039, Cyberpunk 2077

    In which Trevonne discusses the video game Cyberpunk 2077. Continue reading

  • Episode 040, The One Hundred

    In which Jamiah discusses the series The One Hundred. Continue reading

  • Episode 041, The Thinning

    In which Shane considers the ethics of overpopulation in the movie The Thinning. Continue reading

  • Episode 042, The Darkest Minds

    In which Kawena discusses the movie adaptation of the young adult novel The Darkest Minds. Continue reading

  • Episode 043, Black Mirror: White Christmas

    In which Brooke discusses the not very festive White Christmas episode of Black Mirror. Continue reading

  • Episode 044, The Giver

    In which Aaliyah discusses Lois Lowry’s classic novel The Giver. Continue reading

  • Episode 045, The Purge, the Series

    In which Shamya discusses the series The Purge. Continue reading

  • Episode 046, The Congress

    In which Lamiya discusses the metafictional film The Congress. Continue reading

  • Episode 047, Land of the Blind

    In which Jada discusses the satirical film Land of the Blind. Continue reading

  • Episode 048, The Lobster

    In which Amber considers the textual nature of love and freedom in the film The Lobster. Continue reading

  • Episode 049, The Matrix

    In which Tahmi discusses the groundbreaking and mindbending film The Matrix. Continue reading

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