Ur-Fascism in everyday U.S.

Based off Eco’s Ur-Fascism requirement of displaying intense nationalism through xenophobia or other instances of Americans coming together to push out a common “enemy,” then yes, it most definitely exists in the world today. Eco explains this part of Ur-Fascism criteria as people clinging to one social identity, a nationalist, Continue reading

Ur Fascism Today

I believe that Ur-Fascism does exist in todays society. My most revenant example is talking about the attack of the capitol building. The idea that some republicans hold of all this all around hardcore American can be very dangerous especially when expressing their ideologies. This attack injured people and resulted Continue reading

Ur Fascism

I agree that Ur Fascism exists today. Ill use the fifth feature to explain. The fifth feature states that diversity is a form disagreement, which also means that where diversity is absent so are disagreements. This is true and its a reason why, in recent years, companies have had to Continue reading

Eco’s Ur-Fascism

Ur-fascism is a term that describes the many historical forms of fascism.Umberto listed 14 basic properties of fascist ideology. Eco lived through fascism and correctly identifies major elements. Many aspects run parallel with things happening in the US and other parts of the world today. One of the main aspects Continue reading

Present Day Ur-facism

Fascism still exists in our world in many countries, but in our country I believe one way facism is displayed is through incarceration. A grave amount of our population is incarcerated and therefore living a life in the facism capital. Incarceration is said to be a form of rehabilitation, but Continue reading