Is Foucault right?

Foucault’s concept of panopticism unveils a paradigm of power and control that extends far beyond the confines of the prison system. At its core lies the panopticon, a hypothetical architectural design wherein inmates are subjected to constant surveillance from a central watchtower, inducing a sense of perpetual visibility and self-regulation. Continue reading

How do you define dystopia?

A dystopia is a hypothetical society characterized by oppressive societal control, people of their society often getting stripped of their freedom and often a dehumanizing existence for its citizens. In a dystopian society, the very fabric of human existence is woven with threads of oppression and control. Governments, corporations, or Continue reading

What is A Dystopia

Dystopia is an imagined society or world that is undesirable, oppressive, and often scary. In dystopian worlds, authoritarian regimes dominate, creating oppressive and often nightmarish environments for their inhabitants. These imagined societies serve as cautionary tales, prompting readers to reflect on the potential consequences of unchecked power, social injustice, and Continue reading

My Own Bubble

 In terms of what my ideal utopia would be like I would like to first delve into what a utopia means to me. In my own words I would say a utopia is my dreamville if everything were to be exactly how you wanted that would be essentially sims(video games) Continue reading