No Privacy

In this new day and age technology runs the world where all our data and information are essentially in a cloud. With that being said privacy and cookies come along with that and in my opinion, I don’t think I would give up my privacy for anything unless compensated with money. One’s privacy really should be cherished by the person because when everybody knows your information it can get bad in terms of identity theft, scams, etc. That’s the only way I would be willing to give up privacy because at the end of the day, I associate privacy with peace in a way and I cherish my peace. On the other hand, realistically speaking I would most likely only give up about 30% of my privacy. I say this because I feel as if when the general public knows all your business in some cases it’s a very negative way of living life. Everyone knows who you’re dating, where you’re at, and where you live would all fit under privacy and that lifestyle in my opinion doesn’t fit how I would want to live my life. With the 30% margin, I feel as if the majority of my life would still not be shared with the public and I would still be able to live my life without all my information being out there to the general public. Lastly, I feel as if the only reward I would need is monetary because I don’t see anything other than that being a reward for giving up privacy. I do believe though in the fact that if you were to give up 100% of your privacy you would live a life with no lies and authenticity but at that same time you would be under society’s microscope. Every opinion you have could get crucified as well as everything you do. So yeah the only reward that I would want would be monetary because, at the end of the day, I don’t want everyone in my business.

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