Video Lectures

Students choosing the Video Lecture format for their research projects will write, record, and edit a 10-minute lecture on their selected dystopian media. Students should consider this a formal presentation — it must be well-planned and organized. Students can decide whether they will appear in the video, but it must contain relevant and ethically used visuals (text, images, videos) that support what is being described in the lecture.


For the video presentations, you will need to upload your video to a cloud storage service, like Google Drive or Microsoft Outlook. You will not be able to submit the actual video file through Brightspace; instead, you will need to provide the public sharing link for the video. Please check the settings for the sharing link.

Submitted video presentations must meet all of the following in order to be considered complete:

  • Be completed on time.
  • Demonstrate significant research into the topic dystopia.
  • Demonstrate insightful analysis.
  • Be clearly written, well-organized, and clearly presented.
  • Be include at least 10 minutes of you presenting information to the audience.
  • Incorporate visual elements that enhance and support the content of the presentation.
  • Include one or more screens listing any attributions for Creative Commons media.
  • Include one or more screens listing ALL source material referenced in the presentation in APA format.


If viewing presentations for the Research Project Critique activity, please do not select any of the videos listed below with the 2023 prefix (those were, I hope obviously, done by students in last year’s class).

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