My Own Bubble

 In terms of what my ideal utopia would be like I would like to first delve into what a utopia means to me. In my own words I would say a utopia is my dreamville if everything were to be exactly how you wanted that would be essentially sims(video games) in other. In the end, I don’t fully believe that a full utopian society will ever exist because I don’t believe at the end of the day that you can make everyone happy and content with their life. With that being said I would say that my ideal utopia would most likely be a society where first everything is more manageable to achieve because I feel as if life should be enjoyed by everyone. What I mean by that is that a regular person should be able to purchase a house in Hollywood Hills if they wanted to and it shouldn’t only be accessible to the 1% because I believe that creates a barrier which in turn creates “class problems(poor class, working class, high class). The next thing I would do is make sure that diseases and sicknesses are eliminated just because during COVID-19 I lost a lot of people that I cherished and loved dearly. Cancer is another disease that has taken a lot of lives of my loved ones as well so elimination of diseases would be in my society. The last thing I would probably change would be the elimination of racism just due to the fact that who likes racism as a whole it diminishes the quality of life for everyone especially people of color. In my own opinion though this would probably be the most hardest to achieve out of all my ideal checklist wants in my utopia. Everyone being treated equally in my eyes I think will never be able to get achieved just do to the fact that you would have to get everyone in society on the same page.

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