Envisioning an Ideal Society

Imagining a perfect society or a “utopia” can often be easy and simple, but it also poses one of the greatest challenges: making that ideal society real. Greater equality and access to opportunities are features of an ideal society. Every member of the society should lead a respectable life in an ideal society. Access to resources, such as high-quality healthcare and education, is necessary for a decent living. We can see all around us that there are communities that are underserved and underrepresented regarding healthcare for example, and factors such as discrimination, financial barriers, and living conditions are continuing to place a burden on individuals and families. As a result, these factors can have a huge impact on access to good-quality health care. A perfect society is one in which people will relate in deeper and richer ways; it is a place where mutual respect exists everywhere and a place where people would have the opportunity to not just live, but flourish. In our current society, we can find it evident that there are several potential reasons why mutual respect may not come naturally to some individuals, and those reasons could include lack of exposure, influence of peers and media, internalized biases, communication skills, or personal struggles. Without mutual respect, we cannot have a fair society. Ideals of utopia should not merely be aspirational but rather a motivating force. Whether in the workplace or in academia, we should strive toward them professionally and set an example of moral behavior. I believe that there are so many paths that have the ability to move us toward a perfect society that extends a sense of purpose and meaning to everyone regardless of their background, religion, sexual orientation, race, age, political beliefs, culture, languages, etc. Everyone should have the privilege of living a meaningful life where they have significance beyond the trivial and momentary. In an ideal society, each person should be entitled to the belief that their life and contributions matter to others and to themself, the feeling that their life makes sense, and the feeling that they are actively pursuing fulfilling goals.

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