Unveiling the Layers of Dystopia

A dystopia is a fictional or hypothetical society characterized by oppressive societal control, dehumanization, and often a totalitarian government, resulting in the suffering or misery of its citizens. This definition relates closely to Iris Marion Young’s Five Faces of Oppression, which identify different forms of societal oppression: economic, cultural, social, Continue reading

The Intersection of Panopticism and Social Media

Panopticism, a concept introduced by philosopher Michel Foucault, describes a disciplinary mechanism where individuals are under constant surveillance without their knowledge of when they are being watched. This idea was originally conceived in the context of physical institutions like prisons, where the architecture facilitated observation by a central authority. In Continue reading

Envisioning an Ideal Society

Imagining a perfect society or a “utopia” can often be easy and simple, but it also poses one of the greatest challenges: making that ideal society real. Greater equality and access to opportunities are features of an ideal society. Every member of the society should lead a respectable life in Continue reading

My Take on Dystopia

Based on my experiences with books, films, and reality, I would define Dystopia as a fabrication or imaginary place where people are unable experience even the simplest of pleasures in life; a place where people, who are controlled by a system of extreme oppression and injustice, live unhappy, hopeless, and Continue reading