My Perfect Place

Picturing a utopia is somewhat complicated for me. What is a world that could cater to everyone without some outside force that could disrupt that? If I had to describe a perfect world, it wouldn’t be this one. It would be a world where we are not in a perpetual state of war with other countries. We would spend billions of tax dollars on the livelihood of citizens who live within the country instead of allocating most of the funds to the military or other government entities that don’t need all these funds. Thousands of houseless children and adults need support from the very government that claims that it can provide for them; a utopia for me would be having support for those who need it most. It pains me to hear about how many veterans have found themselves without benefits, let alone a livable pension. At the same time, they have spent an overwhelming amount of time serving the very country that has left them in the dust. I think another aspect of a perfect utopia is education. Everyone should have equal access to a good education, regardless of their social status. There should be after-school programs, more sports, and opportunities for every kid to express themselves. It must be frustrating to actually want to learn or partake in a sport that a friend at another school does, but the schoolbooks are withered with pages falling out, or your school doesn’t have the funds to create a team. In a perfect world, this would not be the case, and this would also apply to higher education. Finally, The many flaws that exist within our society, such as mass incarceration, racism, gentrification, etc., would result in my desired utopia if they didn’t exist. Is it capitalism that makes our society so far from the utopia wanted? Would the destruction of our capitalistic society result in the utopia stated before?

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