My Simple Society

If I were in charge of society, I think my utopia would be very simple. My society would focus on health and wellness. This extends to the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of my citizens. My society would be fair and diverse. In the government, I would put measures in place that allow people of different races to be put in positions of power. I would increase the number of people allowed to hold the senate positions for a state based on their population size and race demographics. For example, Texas has two white men holding office. I would take a look at the population size in Texas and decide that we need three senators. Additionally, the prominent races/ethnicities in Texas are white, black, and Hispanic. From there each of those races would receive its own senator to ensure that their voice is heard. Next, I would put an end to the Electoral College because it truly doesn’t accurately represent each state or its citizens’ votes. Texas is historically a red state largely from our rural cities. However, the most populated cities are blue. Yet our electors vote red despite the actual number discrepancy. It is time for leadership to reflect the country and change with the country overtime.

The next initiative I would have is to restructure pay. For education, I would increase the salary exponentially because I feel teachers are essential workers. There would be a standard salary policy to limit the gender pay gap. If a law company hires a new, female junior associate, the salary they offer her would have to be the first salary of the current junior associate working with future raises scheduled. College would be free or at the very least well under the current cost we have now. Sometimes I feel that people are financially penalized for wanting a higher education. We need to break this cycle and truly offer an equal opportunity for success. Healthcare would also be free. I find it appalling that people have to go into debt to give birth in the US. I have even seen women go overseas to give birth because the flight and experience are much cheaper than in their own states.

One thing that will be different about my society is the degree of advancement. My government would hinder the advancement of society. Some advancements are wonderful and worthwhile while others are not. For example, Apple just came out with these vision glasses. They allow you to have a portable, digital TV connected to your eyes. I think that this is a bad release for society. Imagine if these goggles were affordable, parents would buy them for their kids and it would become the new iPad. Another example is these large factories like in China that mass produce goods at a significant cost to the atmosphere. I would not eliminate large factories, but there would be a significant reduction in the amount allowed to reduce emissions. While limiting efficiency and advancement sounds bad, it leads to the overall health of our society. This AI stuff could potentially ruin the film industry and leave a lot of people out of a job. I do not want to stop advancement from occurring, but I do want it to be contained and censored before release to the public. All progress is not good progress.

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