A Simple Utopia

To me, a Utopia with me in charge would have very simple rules and regulations. I would like everyone to have their freedom, safety, and happiness so I don’t think there would be much that I would enforce but rather things that I don’t allow. I wouldn’t allow many immoral things of course such as murder but then I would get into the idea of peace being the main goal. With how people currently are in the world, their probably would have to spaces that are specifically for them in a positive and negative sense. So for negative people who have hatred towards certain people, they would have that space and I would leave them to whatever mess they have. In a positive sense, I would make spaces so that people could feel welcome by others who possibly look like them or have the same interest as them. There would also have to be some enforcing such as keeping away the people who harm others but housing them away from the general and regular spaces. For an ideal society, I see it as a place that is peaceful and people are in harmony. It doesn’t have to be complicated because sometimes more problems happen when you try all these alternate ways to fix something.

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