What is a Utopia?

The idea of an ideal society is very unattainable. Due to human nature, no world can ever be considered perfect. Our society will never be able to have something and not want something else that they don’t have. However, if you could visualize an ideal society it would include social equality, freedom, autonomy, sustainability, and much more. This society would have no injustices, poverty, or war. It would be a place where all people were happy. I would still keep the branched government structure that is in the United States. However, I would make major changes to the executive branch. I would get rid of the president’s title and instead have an oligarchy. That way, the government is less susceptible to corruption. I would also make the government a direct democracy instead of a representative democracy. The legislative branch would choose laws that go up to vote and the individual citizens would vote on the issues.

My utopia would seek to integrate technology into our daily lives in a beneficial way. So technology such as cell phones would be utilized for voting. I also think society would be better off if fewer children had unrestricted access to technology. So I would make a law that people under the age of 15 can’t have cell phones, instead, we would opt for flip phones. In my society, I would want everyone to be treated equally by their peers. My judicial branch would be chosen by a yearly census of the population. The justices that serve on that court would be representative of the population percentages. I would also want to prioritize sustainability. I think it is one of the biggest issues we face as a society. I would push to make all materials produced in my country biodegradable. I would also encourage recycling and composting. We as a society have to take care of the planet we live on, including its flora and fauna.

Regarding education, my society will make free and accessible education. I will get rid of private colleges and all of them will be public and specialized to train people for jobs. People will also be given aptitude tests to see what job would be best for them. If they had another job in mind, they could also pursue that because people should enjoy where they work. I will also try to create a good work/ life balance for all of my citizens. That way they can live without going through immense amounts of stress. This can create a utopia-like experience. 

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