Dystopia Rewritten

A dystopia is a society permeated and controlled by oppressive tactics. The people are hopeless and unhappy as the consequences of mounting hasty decisions erode the society’s framework. In Hobbesian’s jungle, the role of a central government is to protect individuals from the inherent dangers of human nature, maintain social Continue reading

Recording in progress…

Panopticism is embedded in our society, most obviously through cameras. Traffic cameras, security cameras, people’s cameras on their phones, cameras. Panopticism operates on the principle that because you assume you are always being watched, you act differently even though you might not necessarily be watched. Traffic/speeding cameras are tall in Continue reading

The Perfect Society

A utopia is an imagined place that is perceived as perfect. Since humans are imperfect beings, a true utopia where everything is perfect is not feasible. Still, within the realm of perception, a utopic society would address all of the problems that plague our society and lead to all the Continue reading