The Perfect Society

Perlstein, J. (2023). The fifth sacred thing [Photograph]. Jessica Perlstein Art.

A utopia is an imagined place that is perceived as perfect. Since humans are imperfect beings, a true utopia where everything is perfect is not feasible. Still, within the realm of perception, a utopic society would address all of the problems that plague our society and lead to all the —isms. Sometimes, I wish everything was free and accessible, and everyone just did what made them happy; no one was poor and starving. No one would be robbing and stealing things because they could have what they wanted. People wouldn’t be killing people for power, politics, or anything else. No human rights or civil violations. People could get medicines for their diabetes, cancer, and other issues without paying astronomical prices or having to have insurance even to get seen by a doctor. Our food wouldn’t be poisoning us and making us slowly kill ourselves. The earth wouldn’t be dying, just a life of peace, fun, and happiness. To achieve this, I would first address the basic necessities for survival.

In this age of technological advancement and the plethora of resources, food deserts need to be addressed. In the US  alone, the amount of food that goes to waste every year because it’s not aesthetically appealing but is okay to eat amounts to 149 billion meals; those meals could help. Making sure there is easy access to healthy food and water. There is a housing crisis where there shouldn’t be because housing is unaffordable. Rent and mortgages would be capped at a certain price that would match the economic status but be affordable. The Housing would be built to house the homeless for two years so they can get the resources to get back on their feet. Actually, hold people accountable for immoral actions equally instead of letting rich and white do whatever. Also, because I love animals make the punishment for animal cruelty and abuse the same severity as child abuse because animals deserve so much more than how people treat them. There are plenty of other issues that need to be address, and it would be treated with a very morally right thing to do.

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