Combatting Dystopias

We live in a world where dystopian societies are recurring themes in literature and media, so observing different types of governments and how they could be abused is essential. After observing the Wikipedia article “List of Forms of Government” and a selection from Hobbes’s Leviathan, I feel indirect democracies are Continue reading

How Do We Know if We Live in a Dystopia?

A dystopia is a society characterized by extreme corruption of human rights, freedoms, and honor. Works such as Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, George Orwell’s Animal Farm, and perspectives through a Hobbesian lens illustrate that dystopias can result from repressive governments and/or environmental emergencies. Atwood portrays a futuristic environment where Continue reading

Crafting a Utopian Society Based on Freedom, Inclusivity, & Christian Values

Many people describe me as a peaceful person, and I would love for my ideal society to embody the same tranquility. The individuals within it would possess an unwavering respect for one another, and we would reside in a place teeming with inclusivity and equality. The societal structure would closely Continue reading

The Bleak Canvas of Desolation

In the kaleidoscope of dystopias, where the freedom of humanity decreases as oppression levels rise, the word “dystopia” fails to fit the confines of a dictionary definition. Mariam Webster defines a dystopia as an “imagined realm tainted by societal decay, suffocating regimes, and the erosion of humanity, thrusting individuals into Continue reading