Panopticism is the belief that people behave properly because they think they are being watched. I think this can be seen all throughout our society, especially now with all the new technology. The first thing I think of when I hear panopticism is traffic cameras and store surveillance cameras. There are traffic cameras on every street whether they give out traffic tickets or not. Just the sight of the traffic cameras may scare people. They do not want to get a traffic ticket, so the drive the speed limit and follow all the rules of the road. Because drivers do not know all the time which traffic cameras give out tickets, so they drive following all of the rules makes this an example of panopticism. Store surveillance cameras work in a similar way. There are some stores that install fake surveillance cameras in hopes that scares people into not stealing. Mainly though, store surveillance cameras often tell customers when they are recording. Store customers do not know if there is actually someone watching the cameras or not, so in fear of being caught and getting in trouble with the law, they just do not steal.

There are many different examples of panopticism in this world. But the fact is that most people do behave in a way that is socially and lawfully accept because of the belief that they may be on camera. This belief is obviously not in all people of the world, because there are still plenty of crimes being committed, but it is in a lot of people. This belief creates a fear and forces one to watch how they are acting in public. Some people even have to be cautious in their neighborhoods with all the home security systems. This belief is also taught and passes down generations. Parents often  tell their children be always be aware of their surroundings because you never know who is watching.

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