The Perfect Utopia

Utopia, meaning no place, is “a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions.” If I was in charge, my utopia would be very simple. I still believe a government and some rules would still need to be in place, but they do not have to be strict or extreme. I think that if people were treated respectfully by the government, they would also treat the government with respect.

With that being said, my utopia would have a system in place to ensure all citizens are okay with everything that the rules and government control. I would make sure everyone had adequate health care and functional housing. I would also like to make my utopian society a walkable community. There is a lot of benefits of walking, and there would not be many car accidents. To keep violent crimes to a minimum, I would try my best to make sure that everyone has everything that they would need so they do not feel the need to try to steal it from others.

I know a lot of my thoughts behind my utopia are a long shot because you truly cannot control exactly what people do. So, in my head the people in my utopia are emotionally mature and have no problems effective communicating their problems. In this utopia everyone’s mental health is a priority and comes first no matter what the circumstances are. I think that a lot of the problems in the world come from people being afraid to speak up and them dealing with various mental illnesses. My hope is that everyone here is happy and healthy.

I would also love for my utopia to be community driven. The feeling that you have a community surrounding you and looking out for you is unmatched. Here no one would ever feel like they are alone because all the members of the utopian society would be comfortable to lean on there community in times of need. There would be no competition (except a little friendly competition) because everyone would want the best for one another. Although I am pretty sure a place like this will never exists, I still hope that it will one day.

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