Hidden In Plain Sight

I feel like Panopticism has been embedded into our society in the form that we are made to believe that it is for our safety and for the better of the community around us but with that we lose freedom. In order to act better, they use certain tools but at some point, it becomes less about safety and moreso about invasiveness. There are some ways that it can protect people but when it comes to saving everything that they looked up or ads coming up about something you only talked about, it shows that people are being listened to and that their privacy is not protected. For one example, there are people who believe that having their front camera on their devices with no cover may allow people to access or hack their cameras and look at them at whatever time they like. My father personally tries to keep his cameras off, doesn’t use Face ID, and tries to use private browsers because he feels like all of his personal business and information could be out there for people to use and take advantage of. But because we are evolving in technology and in society, some people believe that loss of freedom is justified such as when we evolved from regular passwords, to thumbprint ID, then to face ID for Apple products but that’s just what it is in and popular. I for instance, personally know some people that felt weird because they felt like they weren’t respected to a certain degree. But for other people out there, if there weren’t surveillance cameras around or data wasn’t being saved from browsers, I know people would do more bad or mischievous things because many people don’t use their integrity as they should. People definitely in today’s society behave differently, because they know there could be more repercussions rather what they could gain, but some people do it, regardless. Stores like Target and Walmart say that you’re on recording but people do what they like even most are hindered because they don’t want to be on camera.

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