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How much privacy are you willing to give up? 

I think without me knowing I give a lot of privacy up. When you’re a baby you are surveillanced by your parents. There are cameras to watch you just as a newborn to make sure of  your wellbeing. We are often surveillanced for the hopes of our safety but when it is over stepped people may feel like it’s a problem. Later on in life you go to daycare where you are now surrounded by other individuals under the surveillance of teachers. Fast forwarding to college I got a n apartment and bought a ring camera. The ring camera gives me access to see outside of my apartment. People are constantly being surveilled whether they know it or not. I personally use my ring camera because 4 months out of the year I’m not there because I am back home in charlotte. So I am trying to make sure that my place of residence is safe. 

One area where the trade-off between privacy and convenience is particularly evident is in the realm of digital technology. From smartphones to smart home devices, we willingly surrender vast amounts of personal data in exchange for the convenience and functionality these technologies provide. We grant access to our location, browsing history, and even biometric data without always fully understanding the implications or potential risks.

Social media platforms exemplify this phenomenon, as users willingly share intimate details of their lives with large networks of friends and followers. People will do anything for likes, comments, and virtual validation often outweighs concerns about privacy, leading individuals to disclose sensitive information ranging from relationship status to political beliefs.

One that I just thought about is facial recognition software. The software is used to make things easier for us to access. While some argue that these technologies enhance security and efficiency, some raise valid concerns about civil liberties and the potential for abuse by governments and corporations.

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