Define Dystopia EOY

A dystopia is a society characterized by oppressive social control and a degraded quality of life. I believe this is a good one sentence of the word that we have discussed in class all semester. This class has shown me how some people may view a dystopian society. I also Continue reading


One of the key aspects of Foucault’s discussion on Panopticism is Surveillance and Visibility. It has been embedded in our society through numerous different technologies   In contemporary urban environments, surveillance cameras are often in all of our presences, installed in public spaces, workplaces, and even private residences. These cameras serve Continue reading


Direct democracy stands out as the least dystopian view of governance primarily due to its emphasis on citizen empowerment and participation. Allowing the people to vote is something that I believe is very important to the people. By allowing the people to feel like they are  involved in decision-making processes, Continue reading


Utopia is a society that is perfect in all aspects. I think that utopia would have equality in all aspects of life. There would be no racism. For politics we would only elect people who are looking to do good in all aspects and be knowledgeable about numerous topics so Continue reading