Utopia is a society that is perfect in all aspects. I think that utopia would have equality in all aspects of life. There would be no racism. For politics we would only elect people who are looking to do good in all aspects and be knowledgeable about numerous topics so that all aspects in the society are taken care of. In today’s society we tend to appoint people in certain areas who have no true background in it. I think we do ourselves a disservice by not voting for people who are well rounded and knowledgeable about certain topics that are leading our nation. I believe money is the root of a lot of issues that we have now. We might not have any type of money in my utopia. My utopia would be love driven.

Education would be free in my utopia. I think it is crazy that people have to pay for their education. Paying for education will not be allowed in my utopia. I believe that education is such a great tool that everybody should be granted. Everyone should be granted the same opportunities. In this utopia everybody is starting from the same thing. There will be no prior gains that people will be able to bring because this allows for other people to be in a better position at birth. This causes certain people to be ahead and I want everybody to have the same opportunities. I want to be able to offer my citizens a great future where the opportunities are endless. 

Furthermore, I want to be able to offer my citizens free menstrual products. Women  should be able to have at least 2 pto for when they are on their cycle. I also believe that we should have free healthcare. Quality healthcare should be accessible for all. 

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