Direct democracy stands out as the least dystopian view of governance primarily due to its emphasis on citizen empowerment and participation. Allowing the people to vote is something that I believe is very important to the people. By allowing the people to feel like they are  involved in decision-making processes, it fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility among the population. This active engagement can counteract feelings of being controlled constantly. Citizens often feel disconnected from the decisions that affect their lives.

Furthermore, direct democracy promotes transparency and accountability by bringing decision-making into the open. When citizens have a direct say in the government, decision-makers are held to a higher standard of scrutiny, reducing the likelihood of corruption and abuse of power. This transparency not only enhances trust in government institutions but also serves as a deterrent against unethical behavior, as officials know they are subject to public scrutiny. The fact that we have CNN, FOX,MSNBC, etc. Allows for some type of our own opinions to be televised that certain governments would not even allow.

Moreover, direct democracy incorporates safeguards to protect minority rights, ensuring that the voices of marginalized groups are heard and respected.(Sometimes) By requiring broader consensus or implementing constitutional provisions, it prevents the majority from imposing its will at the expense of minority rights—a critical aspect in fostering a fair and just society. This protection of minority rights contributes to a more inclusive and equitable form of governance, mitigating the risks of oppression and discrimination that can occur under more authoritarian regimes.Direct democracy encourages civic education and engagement that allows for decision making. I believe a problem in today’s society is that everybody is not educated and people don’t understand the importance of voting. Yes, your one vote matters. Until we get people to understand that I don’t think we will see a lot of change.

I believe that direct democracy at its core really tries to promote a just and humane society which is ultimately very important. I think this form of democracy will be the form of government that pushes for the best utopian society.

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