A justifiable System

The least dystopian form of government is a republic, more specifically a merchant republic. This is a form of government where monarchy was absent, and leaders were elected to increase the collective wealth of the city or state. Italy ran a successful merchant republic until its fall in the early 1800s. People are allowed their independence, and the economy of the area is based on trading of goods and transportation. They are not run by a governed ruler but by merchant families and established merchant class as the backbone of the government. Merchant republics have independence as long as trade promoted wealth and if not, there would be an economic decline resulting in annexation. A merchant republic benefited a merchant than it did a ruler and change the face of capitalism.

In a dystopia, we describe a society in which they are exploited for a person of higher authority resulting in those to be in a state of suffering. A Merchant republic is not perfect and not far from a dystopia, but it did benefit the small and overlooked rather than the sovereign. If you compare a merchant republic to a totalitarian, a totalitarian is a form of government in which people are controlled for the benefit of that ruler and the area they are ruling with no opposition from the public. A perfect example is Hitler and his rule over Germany. He had no intentions of encouraging the wealth of the country of Germany and all its citizens but just to promote tyranny and hate. This idea of dystopia is created when he promotes this idea of a “pure” Germany where its citizens must fit into these similar to American beauty standards of whiteness with blonde hair and blue eyes and those who did not fit the description, met their demise. Like any form of government, a merchant republic could be abused when officials intervene and enforce a hefty tax on merchants for their work, creating a position in which a person is exploiting a worker. Although it is said that a merchant republic may have influence totalitarianism, merchant republics promoted individualism, elected representatives and they allowed the ability to vote which is why it is the least dystopian like form of government.

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