The Atomic Future

A true definition of a dystopia is a society in which a group of people endure great suffering and oppression while critiquing present-day issues and exploring possible consequences of unchecked power by a government serving as a cautionary tale of the future. Young’s Five Faces of Oppression supports this definition Continue reading

Private Eye

Panopticism, a concept introduced by philosopher Foucault, clarifies how the idea of being watched, forces individuals to conform to proper and acceptable behavior.  The panopticon establishes constant surveillance of inmates without their knowledge of being watched. The inmates don’t know if they are being watched which creates uncertainty of whether or Continue reading


No one willingly wants to give up their privacy, but it happens when you accept cookies from a website or when you provide information to create an account on a social media platform. It is crucial to acknowledge that the commitment to sacrifice one’s personal information is not straightforward and Continue reading

A justifiable System

The least dystopian form of government is a republic, more specifically a merchant republic. This is a form of government where monarchy was absent, and leaders were elected to increase the collective wealth of the city or state. Italy ran a successful merchant republic until its fall in the early Continue reading

The Ideal

A utopia or a perfect world would be a society where there are no inequalities such as racism, ageism, and classism. People would see one another as an American or human being. There would be no superior vs inferior races in America and other countries. There would be no poverty Continue reading

A Perfect World

In my own terms, a dystopia is a world where everything is set to this standard of perfection, where there is no free will and outliers, or people whom are not within these standards aren’t permitted. Based on movies and novels such as The Giver, where this society have no Continue reading