A Perfect World

In my own terms, a dystopia is a world where everything is set to this standard of perfection, where there is no free will and outliers, or people whom are not within these standards aren’t permitted.

Based on movies and novels such as The Giver, where this society have no recollection of their memories and are to remember only what the “Receiver” allows them to know. They have no free will and are similar to zombies. People are mindless, just so society does not have everyday problems like war and poverty. We know dystopians are normally established for the satisfaction of perfection and with no regard to the emotional well being of those enduring such society. They start off as utopia which is an enjoyable society but with government intervention, this normally leads to a dystopia. They have to maintain a facade to serve a purpose in which all the world problems are solved and society is satisfied. This  definition matches well with this term because it  has always been in connection to negative circumstances. For example, The president of Zimbabwe attempted to create a dystopian society by killing nearly 50,000 Zimbabweans in order to remove political opposition. This is one of the many attempts conducted by domineering leaders in history around the world that have cost people their independence, their uniqueness and their lives.  Yet again the term “dystopia” associated to these unbarring situations. In the Handmaids Tale, the handmaids are to be fertile and only have babies. They are to acknowledge a man’s needs and if they aren’t fertile they are considered “unwomen.” People are harmed in the process by a vision with good intent. These examples portray a control or dominion over a group to manifest this illusion of society where parameters are met, citizens are oppressed and the government is corrupted. 

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