The Ideal

A utopia or a perfect world would be a society where there are no inequalities such as racism, ageism, and classism. People would see one another as an American or human being. There would be no superior vs inferior races in America and other countries. There would be no poverty because my system would not allow someone to become a billionaire or millionaire and the most someone could make would be $100,000. I would put a limitation on the amount you could earn, and all careers would be equal in the sense of pay and stature. No one would worry about the type of clothing or shoes you wear. Designer clothing brands would be looked as normal clothing. People would be more involved in charity and give back to one’s own community. If people are in a tough space, then help them and don’t look pass people’s times of struggle. College or higher education would not be normalized but trade jobs and the freedom of just living life. I would make college free so it can be accessible to everyone because college should feel like an option for everyone. People would be able to reach their fullest potential without limitation of forced cultural ideals by one’s family. For instance, feeling pressured to pursue a career or live a certain way of life. Also, people would respect one another as human beings and not belittle one another. If you want to study bugs or become a librarian, it should be respected just as someone who is a seven-figure business tycoon. Lastly, I would  make healthcare complimentary because it is a necessity not a nonessential. I would fund hospitals so they can condone to their patients for free while still getting paid. People would be given a stipend for a year that would be used at the hospital and once it runs out, they will have to wait until the next year. This is my ideal utopia and an ideal society of the world.

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