My Imaginary World

A utopia is described as a perfect society where everyone is happy. This is an impossible concept to achieve due to individuality and human nature. As Kurt Vonnegut claimed, one person’s utopia can be another’s dystopia. Nobody thinks, feels, or acts the same way, and as humans, we are curious, competitors, and need growth. Utopias in a way creates sameness and doesn’t look for change if it’s already “perfect”. But if I were to create a world free of those limitations, my utopia would be the following. 

I want a world where each house would be given a small garden to grow any food and flowers they like. Native trees and plants would be planted to help the wildlife and aid the bees in pollination. There would be local festivals of fruits and foods to try from all over the world. This would all ensure the citizens get in touch with nature and are given the chance to expand their taste. Oceans would be free of plastics and beaches clean so everyone can enjoy their beauty. There would be affordable housing, groceries, and toiletries for everyone. Homeless would not exist, as they would be given the resources to get back on their feet again. Such as free housing, weekly groceries, toiletries, therapy, and education as needed. Jails would be humanized and all minor offenses forgiven. Laws would be put in place to protect all citizens and make all racism punishable by planting trees in aid to prevent deforestation. Weekends would be always free to spend time with family, wages higher for all, and 1-month vacations. All wars would end and small sums would fund the military and instead be used to provide free healthcare. People would be allowed to make choices regarding their bodies and all diseases would have a cure. All would have free access to different extracurricular activities such as karate, swimming, ballet, painting, etc. This would ensure everyone would have different passions and hobbies to pursue. Though not perfect, it would be like a tiny, tiny piece of heaven on earth.

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