Utopia is an individual’s perception of perfectness. Perfect doesn’t exist which is why we have the term utopia. If I were to create a place of utopia, it would be an equal society with no violence. Violence would be completely gone like the word never existed. Hatred would be less than love as this can lower the amount of violence occuring. Individuals aren’t going to fear for their lives as they walk the streets. For example, my grandparents can walk streets without fear of someone threatening them for no reason. Guns only exist for war purposes as individuals would not need them if violence is completely eliminated. Injustice would not exist for no one will be judged off their culture and race. Health care is easily accesible to groups of low and middle class. They would get fair treatment. Even better, technologies are advanced enough to cure cancer or any other rare disease. Sickness can take over someone’s body, where you feel like you have no control over your own body. This can lead individuals to fall into poverty as they are busy paying for their sickness. Therefore, in my utopian socitey, sickness would be easily cured. All the basic necessities, such as houses and food, are accessible even to the poor. Poverty rate would be lower but not completely gone. Individuals have equal opportunity to be given a job. They will also have the option to not work if they wish, but they must find a way to get their wants but not needs.  Lastly, dogs are not abused by their owners and have a great life. My perfect utopia is where I have a family of my own and financially free. A utopian world will never exist. However, as I describe a perfect utopia, a question came across my mind. Would a utopian society be boring and quiet if there is no chaos going on?

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