My Ideal Utopia

My vision of a perfect utopia revolves around creating a society that prioritizes human flourishing in a path of their choice, social justice, environmental sustainability, and global solidarity. It would be a society where every individual is empowered to live a fulfilling life, where diversity is celebrated, and where the well-being of future generations is safeguarded.

Education would be freely accessible to all no matter their financial ability. Coming from a low-income family household, the only way I knew I could be able to come to college was if I got a full-ride scholarship. Education would be tailored to individual learning styles and interests. My granny often shares stories of how in schools, there were trades built into students’ class schedules so that they would pursue their interests. 

My economy would be structured to ensure equitable distribution of resources and opportunities for all people. Resources would be distributed based on needs to make sure it is fair for all.  Resources would include free healthcare, affordable housing, food stamps, and education. Discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion will be no such thing. Policymaking would address these systemic inequalities and ensure representation and inclusion for marginalized communities. Being a part of a marginalized community allowed me to see the division of my community versus other communities. 

Last but not least, My society would incorporate and take mental health more seriously. Society often sweeps mental health under the rug and does not take it seriously. There are many people in my life who deal with mental health and it is not fun seeing them hurt and receiving the care they need. My hope is for my utopia to change this and make resources available. If it was possible, I would make everyone happy and bring nothing but peace into their lives.

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