Blog Post 3

The selection from Hobbes’s Leviathan discusses the nature of governance and the social contract theory, advocating for a strong central authority to prevent the chaos of the state of nature. Among the List of Forms of government listed on Wikipedia, a democratic republic seems to be the least dystopian governance Continue reading

My Ideal Utopia

My vision of a perfect utopia revolves around creating a society that prioritizes human flourishing in a path of their choice, social justice, environmental sustainability, and global solidarity. It would be a society where every individual is empowered to live a fulfilling life, where diversity is celebrated, and where the Continue reading


Dystopia to me means “A world where people are afraid to speak up because they are treated horribly and are afraid of the consequences they might suffer from if they do use their voice”. In other words, racial injustice and inequality because of the color of their skin. The definition Continue reading