Privacy Or No Privacy?

Looking at this first glance, I would quickly state that I wouldn’t give up my privacy as it symbolizes getting rid of individuality. When we think about Today’s society, as technology continues to advance we give up so much privacy without realizing it. through our smartphones, social media, and various other online platforms, we accept term agreements signing over our privacy rights. These apps such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc then have the permission to monitor our actions, preferences, and even thoughts, under the guise of convenience and personalization. However, there are many facets and complexities to the question of how much privacy we are ready to give up. Even if certain conveniences and benefits could persuade us to give up some privacy, it’s important to weigh the consequences of each choice. Our individuality is more likely to be commodified, manipulated, and utilized for political or commercial advantage the more we give in. For youth and young adults, we don’t think about this because we are so quick to get started on the platform and explore. In addition, the benefits we believe we would receive in return for sacrificing our privacy are either deceptive or exceeded by the possible drawbacks. I remember a while back, many people were trying to sue Snapchat for using their images but the terms agreement stated they could do so.  Though they can sound alluring, tailored services or targeted ads come at the expense of our agency and independence. We are reduced to data points in algorithms, easily manipulated, and watched without our knowledge or permission. Maintaining one’s privacy becomes an act of regaining control over one’s boundaries and establishing one’s individuality in this increasingly digitalized and interconnected society. It’s an affirmation of the freedom to live outside the surveillance capitalism bubble, where uniqueness is protected from the homogenizing effects of data-driven management. In the end, the choice to preserve privacy has more to do with preserving the essence of what it means to be human in a society that is becoming more and more digitally advanced than it does with merely protecting private data.

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