World Peace and Prosperity

My ideal utopia is a world where everything is shared. Did you know that 931 million tons of food is wasted each year around the world? How are people hungry when there is so much food going to waste? If there was a type of system that could control food sourcing and distribution, there would be enough food for the entire world. It would reduce waste and make sure no one goes hungry. Also, no one will have to pay for food because it will be evenly given out. However, this would mean the people in control of the food would need to have no greed or selfish intentions. As seen in most dystopian societies where it seems like everything runs smoothly, there is always at least one person who wants absolute control and takes advantage of certain situations (for example, Divergent the book). Another characteristic of my utopia is to bring back trade with no money, and illegalizing weapons. I understand that different places around the world have an abundance as well as a lack of certain resources. If we trade resources fairly around the world, everyone will have everything to have a thriving society. If weapons such as guns are illegalized, there would be no forceful exploitation and no way to colonize other civilizations by taking advantage of any resource they lack. I am getting this from the fact that Europeans who began to inhabit America would trade with Native Americans and then take advantage of them and colonize them because the Europeans would have guns and the Native Americans just had handmade weapons. There also won’t be any wars because everyone would be on an even playing field. No one would struggle because everyone ideally would have the same amount of food and other types of resources. Of course, all of these situations would assume that humans do not have a greedy and corrupt heart. If everyone loved one another, gave up their selfish nature, and valued human life, this world would be likely. Of course, a utopia is imaginary so this world could only exist in a dream.

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