Dystopia Defined

Dystopia is a society that is not safe for all. There is little to know about equality. A society that is wrong.

I believe that my definition is sweet and short. It explains the word dystopia in its most simplest form which is a utopia gone wrong. A dystopia is a society where humans do not feel safe. I don’t think it requires everybody to feel unsafe but just a group of people in that society to feel unsafe. A place that has no equality means that someone is always being oppressed which means people do not feel safe within the society. To be oppressed is to be subjected to harsh conditions or prevented from having the same opportunities as others. Earlier this week we were asked if we thought MLK would think today’s society is a dystopia. I responded with yes. I think you can make progress in a dystopian world. I also said that when you still have to provide resources to promote equity then we are still experiencing dystopian tendencies. Dystopia can be referred to as an imagined or or fictional society that is not desirable or frightening. It is the complete opposite of a utopia which is a perfect society. 

I personally don’t think that utopia exists. I don’t think anywhere can be absolutely perfect. As humans we always want more even when we are comfortable where we are. I think that makes humans more complex. We always want more, which I dont think is a problem. We always want better. At a young age most of us are taught that dreams can be realities if we put in the work. I think this helps us get to the goal of a utopia but I don’t think we will ever reach a utopia world which is why we always see it in movies and books.

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