Dystopia Divison

Dystopia has different meanings throughout the world. According to various sources, such as articles, Google, textbooks, fiction literature, and reality, Dystopia is a society afflicted with disarray, injustice, and enormous suffering.

Why does America seem to attract chaos? Chaos such as violent protests, police brutality, prejudice, and many more result in how madness overpowers America. We live in a civilization characterized by widespread confusion, violence, or instability on a worldwide scale. This can be caused by a wide range of circumstances, including political turmoil, economic instability, natural disasters, or conflicts.

America is unjust. People in a world of dystopia frequently have little to no autonomy. They cannot do or say what they want, and their lives are extensively controlled and watched, resulting in restricted freedom. Inequality is another factor. In a dystopian society, there is frequently a distinct divide between the wealthy and the less fortunate. Additionally, racism has a significant impact on America. Every day, people encounter prejudice based on their race; racism leads to unequal treatment and access to employment, education, healthcare, and other services.

Poverty and misery continue to exist, as citizens in America can testify. Pandemics, worldwide diseases/viruses, unexpected disastrous natural disasters, and psychological battles within oneself have all resulted in nothing but sadness and evil in America.

We live in a hopeless world where hope appears to be increasing by barely one percent. Disarray, injustice, and immense suffering have a huge impact on the world today. When will we ever seek change?

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