Dystopia Distinction

Upon acquiring additional insights from multiple sources regarding the term “Dystopia,” I initially defined it as a society characterized by chaos, injustice, and profound suffering. While this interpretation holds some truth, it is essential to delve further into the nuanced meaning of the concept. Dystopia is a term used to Continue reading

Publicize Panopticism

What might America become with increased discipline and control? America primarily relies on technology and humans to monitor and manage the powerless. This monitoring occurs in a variety of ways, many of which are unknown to the individuals. Foucault’s theory of panopticism describes how the panopticon maintains discipline through perpetual Continue reading

Greatness in Government

How would the world be different if laws, order, and civilization existed? Hobbes’s Leviathan exemplifies three aspects of a world imposed by the condition of nature: competitiveness, diffidence, and glory, which depicts a ‘poor, ugly, and brutish’ life. In the excerpt from the book, it states, “If any two men Continue reading

Utopia Ultimation

Utopia… How would you feel to be perceived as this flawless, ideal place? As we all know, dystopia would not exist without the concept of utopia. In a mystical and relaxing society full of the perfect aroma, citizens will live fearlessly, money will be eliminated, and society will be ruled Continue reading

Dystopia Divison

Dystopia has different meanings throughout the world. According to various sources, such as articles, Google, textbooks, fiction literature, and reality, Dystopia is a society afflicted with disarray, injustice, and enormous suffering. Why does America seem to attract chaos? Chaos such as violent protests, police brutality, prejudice, and many more result Continue reading