Greatness in Government

How would the world be different if laws, order, and civilization existed? Hobbes’s Leviathan exemplifies three aspects of a world imposed by the condition of nature: competitiveness, diffidence, and glory, which depicts a ‘poor, ugly, and brutish’ life. In the excerpt from the book, it states, “If any two men desire the same thing, which nevertheless they cannot both enjoy, they become enemies.” Competitiveness is the result of a man’s conflict with another man. However, if two people want the same rare asset, they will fight for it and, as a result, become enemies, leading to violence. Diffidence, defined as a ‘lack of trust and/or faith’, demonstrates how a man in society believes that their interests and desires can be a potential downfall or lack of confidence within oneself resulting in conflicts between their desires and those of other men. Although, physical strength, experience, logic, and enthusiasm are all characteristics that contribute to a man’s sense of diffidence. However, some people are exceptional in various aspects. The phrase asserts that “joy arising from the imagination of a man’s power and potential,” This shows that Glory can have an impact on a man’s desire to strengthen his power, resulting in some form of delight. These elements cause people to compete for material gains, safety, and reputation, but creating a government to protect themselves from one another, therefore can lead to a least dystopian 

After analyzing all of the various forms of government, I conclude that Democratic, specifically Direct Democracy, is the least dystopian. In other words, in a democratic society, people make policy decisions without the assistance of an intermediary or representative. This kind of government empowers society to make its own decisions rather than having no say-so in any situation and/or made by a private group This type of government operates efficiently because it allows society to express its issues and ultimately decide for change.

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