Dystopian Definition

Earlier in the semester I defined dystopia as a world or society where suffering and injustice are being inflicted on a group of people, solely benefiting a wealthy class and high-powered people. Now nearing the end of the semester, I still stand by this definition. Iris Young’s exploration of the Continue reading

Types of Government

Aristocracy is a type of government where a small group of wealthy and privileged people, often called aristocrats or nobles, hold the power and make decisions for everyone else. Timocracy is a type of government where power is based on a person’s honor and military service. Oligarchy is a type Continue reading

My Personal Utopia

Dystopia and utopia represent polar opposites in societal visions. A dystopia is characterized by oppression, inequality, and suffering, often governed by totalitarian regimes, environmental degradation, and societal decay. In contrast, a utopia embodies harmony, equality, and prosperity, with just governance, sustainable practices, and societal well-being. In most dystopian societies citizens Continue reading

Foucault Theory

Panopticism entails the perception of being observed, compelling adherence to societal norms. It is a system in which theĀ belief that we are being watched forces us to behave “properly”. This idea was formulated by French historian and philosopher Michel Foucault. He is the well-known author ofĀ Discipline and Punish: The Birth Continue reading


The ongoing debate surrounding privacy and technological advances seems to be a controversial issue in contemporary society.When online shopping, individuals, myself included, willingly surrender privacy by providing essential details like debit or credit card information, delivery addresses, and contact information (email and phone number), highlighting the fact that people are Continue reading

A Real Dystopia

When most people think of dystopia they instantly correlate it with utopia, which meansĀ ā€œan imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfectā€ and think dystopia is opposite of that. To me, dystopia describes a world or society where suffering and injustice are being inflicted on a group Continue reading